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Inspections on ships and in ports

The ports of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge are attractive gateways for cars to destinations all over Europe. We have our own offices in the major western European ports, making us an attractive partner for loss adjustment and claims management for new cars at all the major transport hubs.

Attention to detail
Our assessors look not only at the cars themselves, but also at the environment.

Our assessors wear clothing with velcro, with no buttons or zips. They do not wear rings, watches or jewellery that may damage cars. Surveys can therefore be carried out without themselves causing damage.

Loading and unloading
Modern transport ships carry thousands of cars in one load. Space is money, and it requires skill to fill all the available space, which means that there is a very real danger of damage despite the many precautions taken by the manufacturers and transport operators.

Our assessors check cars before they are shipped and when they arrive at their destination and are driven off the ship. Our port activities form an important part of our operations. We are market leader in the Benelux in ‘wet activities’.

Assessments during the logistical process

  • Inspection during shipping
  • On-board inspections
  • First Point of Rest inspections (FPR)
  • Pre-delivery Inspections (PDI)
  • Dealer Claim Inspections (DCI)

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