Hull & Machinery

Land-based equipment

DEKRA Marine also executes surveys in the field of land-based equipment and technical installations and machine such as cranes and HGV equipment.

Land-based equipment also includes the means of transport used to shuttle cargo to and from ships and aircrafts. For instance surveys can be carried out on fair attractions, trains, trucks, trailers, apron vehicles, highloaders and also cranes, shovels, draglines etc.

Damage to means of transport often means damage to the cargo it is carrying. DEKRA Experts has the in-house cargo expertise necessary to include a possible cargo damage in any claim.

Pleasure crafts / yachts

Within DEKRA Marine H&M we have the knowledge to assess the damage to pleasure crafts, wherever in the world.

In that respect we are represented in the DEKRA Catastrophe team, which can be made available worldwide whenever a catastrophe takes place, such as for instance in the Caribbean and specifically for us St Maarten in 2017.

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