The Business Unit Marine within DEKRA Experts is one of the leading and most innovative Marine survey bureaus in the Netherlands. The Business Unit Marine consists of fourteen national and international operating specialists in the field of Marine and transit losses in the widest sense of the word. The surveyors work from their residences and live, geographically spoken, spread around the country.

By participating in the TMN Survey Group, the Business Unit Marine can provide a professional network of Marine surveying companies, covering the whole of Europe and most parts of the world. All member companies are carefully selected and are amongst the leading surveying companies, in terms of quality and size, in their country.

DEKRA Experts is "founding member" of TMN which is registered in London. Huib Ort is member of the executive committee.

DEKRA Marine has specialists for the following products: general cargo, technical products, equipment and installations, conditioned products/perishables, computer equipment, fluid and bulk cargo, fair attractions, trains, livestock, trailers, HGV such as cranes, shovels, draglines etc. and yachts.

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