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Value added information

Our assessors work in a structured way to inspect cars for damage. Our assessors store their findings in an automated system to be processed for reports and statistics. The data is recorded in great detail, which allows customers to benefit from analyses of the statistics.

Transport operators and other parties involved in the logistical process strive to maintain a balance between efficiency and preventing damage. Efficiency is emphasised by the restricted space and the capacity available for the transportation and storage of cars. The closer the cars are parked, the more cars can be transported and stored. This applies to ships' decks, but also to the transshipment yards where the cars await further transport.

It can be predicted with almost scientific accuracy how much damage will be caused by varying margins of space around parked cars. This is a matter of alert observation of damage and determining the circumstances in which it occurred.

Twenty centimetres
Cars are stored in large car parks, awaiting orders from a dealer who has sold a particular model in a particular version. If the cars are parked too close together length-wise, there will be a high chance of bumper damage and in that case two cars will be damaged simultaneously. According to us, twenty centimetres is too close to the next car. The same applies to the space by the left-hand door on ships. If the space is too tight, there is an increased risk of damage. We advise you how to prevent or limit damage.

Transport insurers
An insurer can only do its work properly by applying the law of large numbers correctly. Their premium is based on past perceptions and on correct appraisal of the future.

Our statistical data, linked to prevention advice, allows insurers to offer keener premiums. Strict compliance with prevention tips affects damage figures in a positive way. The management information that we can make available to you can significantly add value in a way that is unique in the loss adjustment sector.

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