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Used Vehicle Inspection for campers

Click here to apply for a used vehicle inspection.

The DEKRA used vehicle inspection service is also available for campers. If the camper in question, is over 25 years old or if the Kerb Weight/Unladen Weight is above 3.500 kg, please contact us by telephone first.

For a full inspection, you can have your camper inspected at over 400 locations. Naturally, the technical state will be inspected, but other important areas such as gas leaks in pipes, functionality of the interior and the presence of humidity in the camper will also be examined during our inspection. All tests performed are defined in our inspection protocols. Our inspectors will examine the vehicle with testing equipment and afterwards you will receive their findings in a clear and structured report.

For an extensive inspection, we charge our clients € 545,= incl. VAT. This inspection can be conducted either in Uden or, upon request, at the premises of your own vehicle dealer (*1).

If you do not wish to have a full inspection, you can opt to have only certain parts inspected. We have defined the following types of inspections we offer as:

Technical – motor, gearbox and wheel suspension (here, the entire vehicle, except for the bodywork and interior, will be thoroughly examined)

Bodywork – inside and outside; checked for damage/damage repairs (inspection of the entire vehicle bodywork both on the inside and out, as well as inspection for present and repaired damage) (*2)

System – all other matters; gas- and humidity readings (inspection of management systems, electronics, gas pipes and appendages, readings of gas leaks, humidity levels and if possible, the water- and wastewater tanks of a vehicle. This also includes a limited test drive in order to assess the operation and sound of the engine, drive system and brakes) (*3)

The fees of these specific inspections are:
Technical € 324,= incl. VAT (€ 267,77 excl. VAT)
Bodywork € 199,= incl. VAT (€ 164,46 excl. VAT)
System € 199,= incl. VAT (€ 164,46 excl. VAT)

If you have any special request or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

(*1) Provided the dealer owns an adequate 4 post (vehicle) lift;
(*2) As far as visible without disassembling parts;
(*3) For a properly executed inspection to be undertaken, gas cylinders and connecting electrical cables ought to be present in the vehicle.

If you would like us to conduct a used vehicle inspection, please click here to apply. You can pay immediately via Ideal or with your credit card.

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