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Used vehicle inspection

Used vecicle inspection

When you are planning on buying a second-hand car and want to know the technical condition of that car, whether the car has sustained damage in the past and whether it requires any repairs, you can instruct DEKRA to conduct a used vehicle inspection.

All our vehicle inspections are governed by inspection protocols, ensuring that each inspection is tailored to a specific situation. Our inspectors examine the operational ability of a vehicle using various technical tools. Afterwards, they consult our databases to gain clarity regarding the mileage and any past damage sustained by a vehicle. Upon completion of an inspection, our inspectors will document all their findings in a clear report, which will be sent to you.

If a vehicle needs to be checked on site, it is important that it can be driven onto a 4 post (vehicle) lift. More information about inspections performed on camper vehicles can be found here .

If you wish to have your vehicle inspected again after it has been repaired, you can instruct us to perform a re-inspection.

The following brands are not eligible for our inspection service:
Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, Morgan, Rolls-Royce, Tesla and TVR.

We have prepared an overview of our fees and terms and conditions for used vehicle inspections. If you wish DEKRA to perform a used vehicle inspection, click here to apply. You can pay immediately via Ideal or with your credit card. If it concerns a vehicle that is older than 25 years, please contact us by phone prior to making your application.

Click here to apply for a used vehicle inspection


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