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Traffic accidents

Traffic accidents

DEKRA Investigations has specialists in conducting investigations into the cause and circumstances of traffic accidents. These specialists have specific knowledge and have technical means at their disposal to investigate accidents.

After conducting desk research, the DEKRA Investigations private investigator visits the insured or other involved parties. Where necessary, the involved will be interviewed and/or the place of the traffic accident is visited. The private investigator will also contact various involved parties in order to obtain a clear insight into the circumstances of the traffic accident.

The total package DEKRA Investigations offers includes the following components:

  • File analysis;
  • Factual investigation c.q. local investigation;
  • Traffic accident investigation;
  • Authenticity check of the submitted documents;
  • Interviews with the witnesses or others involved;
  • Interviews with the insured or counterparty;
  • Forensic research by means of Spurfix;
  • Investigation into the technical state of the vehicle;
  • Reading of onboard computer;
  • Delta-V investigation.


DEKRA Investigations

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