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Tempo 100

Tempo 100

Click here to directly apply for a Tempo 100 exemption.

If you have any queries after reading the text below, please feel free to contact us.

You can apply for an exemption that will allow you to drive your caravan, folding trailer or appendage on the German Autobahn at a pace of 100 kilometers an hour, instead of the regular 80 kilometers an hour. In order to be eligible for this exemption, your caravan, folding trailer or appendage will need to meet certain criteria. The exemption is valid for as long as your caravan, folding trailer or appendage meets these requirements and so long as there are no amendments to the German legislation.

After you have checked whether your vehicle meets the requirements, you can apply for the Tempo 100 exemption here. You can pay by credit card or Ideal immediately. Please, state clearly in your application, by what date you will need the sticker so we can make sure we take this into account. After we have received your application, we will send you a message requesting you contact us to make an appointment. Within ten days after your caravan, folding trailer or appendage has passed the inspection, you will receive a certificate and the Tempo 100 sticker. We can inspect the vehicle at your home or at any other location of your choosing which is spacious enough for us to be able to walk around the vehicle.

For inspections in the Netherlands (excluding the Waddeneilanden) we charge our clients € 125,50 incl. VAT and in Belgium our fee is € 175,= incl. VAT. If you choose to have an inspection conducted at our plant in Uden, the fee will be reduced to € 113,= incl. VAT (paid by bank/credit card on the spot). We kindly request you contact us first in the event you would like to have the inspection conducted on the Waddeneilanden or at our plant in Uden.

If the inspected vehicle does not meet the Tempo 100 requirements and we are unable to provide you with a certificate, we will only charge you a € 45,= administration fee. If you already paid via the web shop, we will transfer the remaining sum back to you.


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