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For many in the insurance market, recovery/recourse is often a time-consuming and specialistic task to be performed alongside everyday claims handling. Claim handlers are experiencing an increasing pressure to handle new and existing claims swiftly, leaving them limited time to work properly on their recourse activities. DEKRA provide a structured solution to this: an intelligent and effective approach to recovery; a proven approach, resulting in the reduction of net loss and therefore an improvement in business results.

All recovery and recourse activities within DEKRA are bundled under ASA Legal Assist. ASA is appointed by most national insurers (both domestic and co-assurance), brokers, uninsured parties and the government.

With the help of a directed and multi-disciplinary approach, we are able to determine appropriate strategies leading to successful recovery. Our ability to close the gap between the theoretical (insurance technical/judicial) and practical (technical/engineering) side of recovery, allows us to be skilled in rebutting or negating the counter arguments of the party subject to recovery. It will come as no surprise that a successful recovery usually is the by-product of using both judicial and technical knowledge.

As a result of prompt action and visits to scenes of incidents when necessary, we often discover many details, which otherwise could have been overlooked. The technical expertise of DEKRA adjusters therefore offers a head start in cases which involve discussion concerning for instance, the interpretation of (NEN) norms. By being flexible towards our client and remaining tenacious towards the counterparty, we realize optimal end results.

For the entire duration of the recourse, ASA closely keeps track of the deadlines for prescription and time-bars. This is done by significantly shortening the recourse, thereby preventing damages not being recovered due to procedural errors and/or the expiration of time-bars.

During the recourse, ASA will continuously keep you updated on its progress. In consultation with you, ASA can provide you managerial information either monthly or quarterly, advising the current status and the costs and revenue any recovery has generated.

ASA has an inhouse lawyer and enjoys collaboration with renowned law firms in order to gain juridical advice, have them draw up (conceptual) subpoenas and when necessary conduct legal proceedings. In the light of this collaboration, these law firms charge cost effective and therefore attractive fees.

Other services ASA offers are:

  • Quick scan recovery – a timely and directed advice with respect to recourse opportunities
  • Inhouse recourse employees – a recovery specialist from ASA can be seconded to your team for a predefined period
  • Training/supporting – re-educating and directing employees responsible for recovery within your organization
  • Open and closed file reviews – investigation into ‘leakage’ within current or recently closed files.

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