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Privacy statement

This is the privacy statement of DEKRA Claims and Expertise B.V., Wognumsebuurt 1, 1817 BH Alkmaar.

Your privacy is of great importance to us
As safety in DEKRA is at the heart of what we do, DEKRA also handles your personal data safely. With this statement, we want to inform anyone whose data has been/will be processed by DEKRA Claims and Expertise B.V., why this data is being processed and what rights are applicable in this situation.

The reason why we process personal data
Personal data is processed only when this is permitted for the reasons specified in article 6 of the “Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming” (General Data Protection Regulation). This means that we process the data either because it is necessary or because we have expressly received permission to do so.

Privacy on the website
DEKRA respects the privacy of all our website visitors. The only information that we collect and save when you visit our website, is the address of the computer used to visit our website, the type of and browser version used, the pages visited and the date and time of your visit. This information will be used for evaluation and improvement of our website.

Retention period
DEKRA will delete your personal data as soon as the processing of it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. DEKRA will only retain your information longer if it is required for compliance with legal obligations.

Sharing with third parties
DEKRA will not share your personal data with third parties if this is not necessary and will only do so if this is necessary to perform its duties. In situations where data is shared, DEKRA takes into account all applicable laws. As DEKRA is an international company, in some cases data might be processed outside of the EU but naturally, always taking all applicable laws into account. DEKRA will never forward, sell or trade your data for marketing purposes.

Your rights
When your personal data is processed by DEKRA, you will have certain rights. You will have the right to:

  • request DEKRA to examine the data DEKRA is processing;
  • request DEKRA to change any incorrect/outdated personal information;
  • request DEKRA to supplement personal information;
  • request DEKRA to delete your personal information;
  • request DEKRA to process less personal information;
  • request DEKRA to transfer your personal information to another party;
  • object to the processing of your personal data by DEKRA

DEKRA will consider all requests made and respond in a reasonable amount of time. If DEKRA decides not to agree to your request, DEKRA will notify you of this decision. DEKRA can request more information from you when receiving your request in order to confirm your identity.

DEKRA can modify this privacy statement without prior notice. If changes are made to our privacy statement, the modified version will be available on this page. It is advisable to keep track of any changes made to this page.

Questions and how to contact our Data Protection Officer
For any questions and/or complaints about the processing of your personal data, you can contact our Data Protection Officer via We will do our best to answer any questions properly and clearly and to resolve complaints to the best of our ability.

Last modification: January 7th 2018

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