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Pre Delivery Inspection

Pre Delivery Inspection

Car manufacturers have to cross large distances to reach the buyers of their product. Large ships transport the cars across oceans, smaller ships (short sea), trains and trailers do the rest, often via large national or regional distribution centres.

In the distribution chain there are various transhipment stages where the next party becomes responsible for the transport and delivery of the cars. The space available in the various modes of transport is limited, which makes manoeuvring awkward and risky.

All the more reason, therefore, to check at each stage in the logistical process that the cars are transferred to the next party undamaged. The only way to determine who is responsible for any damage is to inspect the cars at every transshipment. An important hub in the logistical process is the transshipment site where new cars await further delivery.

On these large assembly sites, cars are often looked over and small repairs carried out. In countries where promotional models are used to stimulate sales, new cars are fitted with promotional packages. The car handbooks are placed in the cars and, depending on the country of delivery, safety vests, fire extinguishers and other accessories are added. But there is more to the Pre-delivery Inspection. The paintwork is closely inspected for hairline scratches. Bird droppings can damage the paint and seagull claws can also leave their mark on a car. Our assessors know all the dangers and are trained to detect irregularities.

The know-how and objectivity of our assessors guarantee the appropriate service provision. Due to our independent position, the parties involved to a large degree accept the results and reports. This is what makes us an attractive service provider for manufacturers, importers, transport operators and insurance companies.

Customers know that calling us in guarantees correct delivery of new cars, and where necessary swift claims settlement.

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