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Liability/Technical Insurances

Liability, Technical Insurances and pre risk surveys/risk assessments are found together under the Business Unit, Liability/Technical Insurances.

Within the Business Unit, Liability/Technical Insurances, we handle damage covered by the following insurance: Corporate Liability Insurance, Personal Liability Insurance, Legal Liability of Land-based Equipment, Legal Liability Motor Vehicles, Environmental Damage, Legal Aid (legal expenses cover), Computer Insurance, Machine Breakdown, CAR, EAR.

We can handle all the above assignments for domestic, co-insurance and international insurance markets either on behalf of (insurance) companies or as a court appointed adjuster.

Our team consists of 15 specialists, all possessing specific technical, financial and/or juridical knowledge in the fields of:

  • Product recall
  • Construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Cables and pipelines, land-based equipment
  • Electronics
  • (Petro) chemicals
  • Environment
  • Generators
  • Aggregates
  • Windmills
  • Agriculture
  • Finance, etc.
  • Core Values

Specialized investigation into the cause of an incident based on fact and truth finding, resulting in clear and concise reporting.

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