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Investigation into personal injury claims

Investigation into Personal Injury claims

DEKRA Investigations is specialised in conducting investigations into personal injury claims.

Conducting investigations into personal injury claims requires a specific approach and specialist knowledge, as well as empathy and sensitivity. All steps undertaken in either fact- or personal investigations are discussed in detail with the Principal, and in this discussion the interests of the Principal are weighted up against the interests of those involved.

The right to privacy and the protection of the personal privacy of those involved naturally need to be safeguarded. However, especially in matters where it is difficult to objectively assess personal injury, the Principal has a clear interest in an investigation. As under certain circumstances this (personal) investigation could even be the only way the insurer can verify the cause of the incident and the injury of those involved.

DEKRA Investigations delivers a total package service containing among others:

  • File analysis;
  • Investigation at the place of incident, local investigation;
  • Authenticity check of the submitted documents;
  • Interviews with the insured, counterparties, witnesses or others involved;
  • Discussions/negotiations with advocate(s);
  • Confrontation conversations.

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