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Inspection end of car leasing contract

Inspection end of car leasing contract

As a leasing company you will wish to prevent prolonged discussions about vehicles which have been returned. For this reason, we have developed a specific inspection. Before a vehicle is returned, we contact the driver and make an appointment to inspect the vehicle. To limit inconvenience for the driver, this inspection can be conducted at any requested location.

During the inspection, many areas are checked by means of a standard inspection form, for example the bodywork and interior. The presence of vehicle documents, the instruction- and maintenance booklet, hand transmitters and keys are also verified.

Upon completion of the inspection, any defects detected will be discussed with the driver. At a later stage, the possibility of charging the driver with the repair costs or depreciation for any discovered damage, can be assessed.

Naturally, there can be various formats with these inspections. We will happily discuss how we can customize this service for you.

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