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Factual investigations in general

Factual investigations in general

Every day incidents happen that cause questions to arise regarding its nature.

Factual investigation into a claim is a tactical and/or technical investigation into the facts and/or circumstances of an incident, by one or more private investigators.

All investigations are customized and focused on truth finding.

Why a factual investigation?
Incidents, for instance a(n) (internal) theft, can have a considerable impact. What happened, who has done what, and are the statements of those involved true?

The DEKRA Investigations private investigators are trained to properly conduct independent research. They can take statements, so called interviews, that along with a legitimate report can be used in possible legal or judicial procedures.

For which matters could I have a factual investigation performed?

A suspicion of fraud is not always necessary. Conducting an investigation into the cause of an incident could also be used when one simply wants to know what has happened, for instance in order to be able to hold somebody liable.

DEKRA Investigations conducts investigations for among others:

  • Advocacy;
  • Corporate life;
  • Municipalities;
  • Recovery departments.

Curious as to what DEKRA Investigations could do for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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