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DEKRA Investigations

The focus within the department DEKRA Investigations lies with investigating damage claims. Often, we conduct such investigations for insurance companies, but other companies make use of our services as well. From a broader perspective and supported by their thorough juridical knowledge and insurance technical expertise, our experienced private investigators conduct independent research.

The DEKRA Investigations private investigators also conduct investigations outside of The Netherlands.


Our private investigators are authorised to conduct investigatory work. Under number 1127, the Ministry of Justice and Security has granted DEKRA Claims and Expertise B.V. a license for running a private detective agency. Without this license it is not permitted in The Netherlands to execute these kind of investigations.

All private investigators of DEKRA Investigations hold an identification document issued by the chief of police.

DEKRA Investigations follows the Privacy Code of Conduct for Detective Agencies, the General Data Protection Regulations (AVG in Dutch), Private Security Firm and Detective Agency Regulations (Wpbr in Dutch) and the corresponding regulation (Rpbr).

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Among others, we offer the following services:

  • (General) investigation into the cause of an incident;
  • (Insurance-) fraud investigation;
  • Liability investigation/accident analysis;
  • Technical fire investigation vehicles;
  • Personal injury investigations;
  • Investigation/file analysis for advocacy and municipalities;
  • Investigation into among others theft/burglary/travel damages/losses/damage to mobile data carriers;
  • Liability and recovery investigation;
  • Tracking down goods;
  • Trial purchases (of stolen goods offered for sale);
  • Voice Risk Analysis (VRA);
  • Closed file review.


DEKRA Investigations

Postbus 1041

1810 KA Alkmaar

+31 88 96 83 400
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