DEKRA Claims Services

We offer Claims Management services to insurance companies, leasing companies, governmental bodies and corporations. We have our own offices located throughout Europe and we have a network of partners in over 50 countries. We handle claims from all insurance industry sectors, including motor, cargo, real estate, injury and health, liability and exceptional/ Catastrophe incidents plus the provision of recovery/recourse services.

When working together with DEKRA Claims Services, you can count on our expertise and proven track record and approach in the following fields:

  • Outsourcing & Overflow
  • Loss adjusting Non-Automotive
  • Fraud detection
  • Juridical advice & recovery
  • Auditing
  • Coordination centre
  • Loss adjusting Automotive

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DEKRA Claims Services Netherlands B.V.

Rivium Boulevard 301

2909 LK Capelle aan den IJssel

+31 10 75 34 200

Fax +31 10 75 34 202

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