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Damage appraisal

Damage appraisal

If you wish to apply for an appraisal with us, you can do so directly online. More information about the various kinds of appraisals we offer can be found below.

Physical appraisals
The best-known appraisal is the traditional physical appraisal. This entails every vehicle being personally examined by an appraiser and the damage being determined on the spot with the repair center.

Extention is our “deskpertise” system, a clever form of tele-appraisal. Input from experienced practitioners, taking full advantage of automatization opportunities and use of our RCS database has lead to accurate loss assessments and attractive prices.

STEPS is the next level in loss assessment. A completely new way of settling claims, based on a database which has been meticulously created and years of experience in the field of claims handling. With STEPS, we fill the gap in the market for yet further increased efficiency in process and optimal control over net loss.

STEPS is a system able to judge the accuracy and completion of loss calculations of repair centers in an automated manner. The testing of these calculations is done with the assistance of statistical and technical decision rules. The system compares the calculation input of mechanics with the norm and verifies the logic and coherence of repairs undertaken.

STEPS lead to the correct form of survey/appraisal being applied. Any defects observed are reported accompanied by specific appraisal advice. As a result, the next steps taken in claims settlement can be handled faster, enabling even better control over the net loss.

Damage flow management
Damage flow management is focused on “managing” the repair center, rather than on examining one specific claim or instance. From a “helicopter view”, individual damage flow managers analyze processing times at repair centers.

They advise on appropriate repair techniques and the containment of net loss. When in applied in combination with STEPS, physical appraisals can thereby be limited, and the focus can be shifted towards measuring performance.

Damage flow management is particularly well suited to the controlled damage flow of repair centers with over 150 repair requests a year.

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