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Claims settling agent

The road taken by a new car from the manufacturer to the happy buyer is a long one. Different forms of transport - ships, trains, trailers - as well as transshipment alternatives, and numerous parties are all involved in the complex logistical process. The large scale of the transport operations means high material interests, in the face of numerous risks. This scenario makes insurance a significant player in the transportation of new cars.

Damage compensation for the aggrieved party and recourse from the party responsible
Establishing damage and the subsequent settlement do not have to be carried out by the same party. Even if the damage has been detected by another party, we can carry out further inspections and take care of the financial settlement in our role as a claims settling agent. Loss assessment, evaluating the accuracy of the claim amount and determining blame, form a substantial part of the role of a claims settling agent. In the administrative and financial settlement of the claim, we take account of the specific conditions of insurance and the excess of the parties involved.

Customers are mainly foreign transport insurers, or importers. Once the damage has been made good, we can take recourse on behalf of the client. We have the necessary legal knowledge and when necessary we can contact lawyers specialising in transport and maritime law to successfully conclude the recourse proceedings.

Insuring transport operations is complex
It is not just the logistics that is complicated, the same goes for the way in which the transport operations are insured. Different insurers, or groups of insurers, can be involved in the same transport operation, depending on the origin and destination of the cars and the place or time of the damage.

TES's extensive knowledge and experience as a surveyor is an obvious advantage in fulfilling its role of claims settling agent. The roles of surveyor and claims settling agent complement each other very well, but are fulfilled equally well by different parties.

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