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Business Unit TES

Business Unit TES

Throughout the world, the DEKRA Business Unit TES inspects new cars for damage at every stage in the logistics and transportation process. It does so, for car manufacturers, carriers and transport insurers, amongst others. It is of crucial importance that a new car is delivered to the buyer in the same condition as it was when it was manufactured.

It can take a while for cars to reach a consumer and coming from the manufacturer and with numerous trans-shipments, the risk of damage increases. Involving DEKRA in the transport process will give interested parties more clarity as to what state any cars is in. When we consider any damage, we draw up a damage report and handle the loss with the insurer. We can also act as proxy, dealing direct with the affected party.

DEKRA provides claims services for:

  • Car manufacturers;
  • Importers;
  • Car dealers;
  • Transporters;
  • (Marine) insurers;
  • Stevedores;
  • PDI operators (trans-shipment centers);
  • Fleet owners.

Cost savings
Many things can happen to new cars during the various stages of transport as all forms of transport bear risk, however well prepared and executed. Inspections are crucial, even if simply to conclude no damage has occurred. Due to DEKRA’s position as an independent, specialized and professional loss adjusting and surveying agency, the results of their inspections and recommendations are indisputable. DEKRA has proven authority in the automotive sector, which has been built up over many decades.

By assessing and observing damage ‘on the spot’, disputes about liability are prevented. For all parties involved, this leads to significant costs saving. Efficient claims settlement is facilitated by standardized procedures and the use of automated systems which have now become the standard in the sector.

Prevention in logistics
By collating the results of investigations in advanced automated systems, clients can benefit from perceived trends in damages. We record highly detailed damage statistics, enabling clients to view statistical data over a longer period and allowing the parties concerned to take preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of damage occurring in the future.

Our leading position in the automotive sector allows us to continue investing in systems for information collection and analysis purposes. This gives added value to individual damage or claims solutions: the possibility of continuously improving the logistical process.

Preventing and limiting damage
Our preventative advice is not limited to individual cases or cases related strictly to the logistical process. We can also be of service to you when it concerns natural phenomena and disasters, such as hail or flooding. Our experience in settling significant claims can limit further consequences.

When defects are detected in new cars, this may be an indicator of construction flaws. Practice suggests that this is not always anticipated in mass production. Failure to recognize and acknowledge problems in a timely manner can lead to a large-scale recall of products and reputational damage for the manufacturer and brand. We have proven in practice, to be able to limit considerably any consequential losses.

Our extensive experience in detecting and settling claims has encouraged ever more clients to involve us at early stages as new issues arise: for instance, when setting up a new terminal, designing a new administrative system to support the settlement of claims, or for establishing clear procedures and responsibilities. Our advice can lead to further reduction of damage figures and to cost savings.

Quality improvement
Our staff closely follows and keeps abreast of all developments by undergoing regular training. We use internal audits to guarantee the quality of our service to our clients. The experience gained from these audits in turn provides teaching material for our own appraisers. Rather than just pure theoretical training, we train our staff with hands on experience “on the job”.


Business Unit TES

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