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DEKRA offers a wide range of auditing services - whether the matter involves checking if administrative commitments have been met or whether it concerns the quality of recovery undertaken. We offer you the opportunity to test and check whether the terms agreed between you and any business associate have been honored and lived up to. The audits can cover both operational and supporting company activities. In our audits, we take account of the demands and norms and/or product specifications you have declared applicable.

There are many reasons why companies outsource their audits. An audit requires specific knowledge, not just in the methodology of conducting one, but also when it comes to preparations, drawing up the audit report, and perhaps most importantly, determining actions. DEKRA has the required knowledge.

DEKRA auditors are skilled and independent and are thus able to assess objectively the extent of compliance with agreements previously made. Being external experts, DEKRA auditors are also able to critically reflect on internal procedures. Q: “Is there any room for improvement?”, “Why does the procedure work for one department and not for another?”, “Could it be done more efficiently?”. These are examples of questions that an objective audit will answer.

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