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Following its start in June 2013, DEKRA Art has become the first multi-disciplinary Business Unit of DEKRA Experts. In contrast to most business units, in DEKRA Art, the precious item or object is the most important factor. The primary focus in our operations is the precious item or object, without losing sight of the nature of the damage and the policy terms.

The adjusters at DEKRA Art are skilled in handling claims concerning noteworthy, rare and often valuable items and objects that fall under the broad and diverse definition of ‘Art’. These are not restricted to forms of (visual) art, but can also include jewelry and watches, collections, designer and collectable furniture etc.

The subtle influence of DEKRA Art is evident in the quality of work produced by our other lines, such as Process Property, Liability and Marine. ‘Art’ may form but a small part of the damage covered in these lines, but our adjusters share their substantial and in-depth knowledge in the field of Art with their counterpart adjusters in Process Property, Liability and Marine.

Where damage has been sustained by an object of substantial value, our art adjusters are the primary adjusters.

In addition, if our clients’ own claim handlers require additional support, knowledge and expertise in house, our art adjusters are at your disposal.

Where unique and special objects are concerned, no matter the nature of the damage or type of policy, DEKRA Art is the right place for you!

If you are seeking customized solutions pertaining to risk mitigation or the damage handling of personal or professional art collections and/or luxury household goods, please contact us at any time to discuss your options.

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