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Analyses and computations

After an incident, the person injured often experiences (temporary) occupational disability. The damage this results in, generally forms the largest loss. It can require complex and extremely thorough investigations to properly assess the extent of such losses. Within our department, we have extensive expertise in this type of analysis and computations. We can examine the (financial) positions of companies and conduct an industry wide investigation into the market position of said company and any possible developments in the market. During such an analysis, problem solving is our main focus.


Minor differences regarding the approach or input can result in major impact on the outcome of the required computations. We are aware of both the possibilities and limitations this may present in the use of calculation software and therefore we offer our services to critically and thoroughly test computations made by other parties. Any difference that become apparent during our analysis is clearly and expressly addressed.

For the computation of injury and death claims, DEKRA uses in house developed models and/or A-Injury software.

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