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An appointment with an adjuster

Have you been injured due to an incident and are you soon to meet with an adjuster from DEKRA Personal Injury? In order for your appointment to run as smoothly as possible, we have highlighted the most important points below.

Who are we?
DEKRA Personal Injury is specialized in settling claims concerning personal injuries. We are an independent body and work solely on behalf of insurers and/or self-insureds.

Our role can differ per claim. For instance, insurers can reach out to us, requesting us to handle your claim on their behalf, after which we will become your focal point of contact. However, our assignment could also be restricted to simply conducting an investigation into liability or carrying out a survey of the damage. If our involvement is limited to investigating and/or surveying the incident and reporting our findings to the insurer, the insurer will be our focal point.

Objective of the appointment
The objective of having a meeting with an adjuster is to gain a clear understanding of the cause and consequences of the incident, the damage itself and to agree further steps or developments. A trusted person/advocate on your behalf, is allowed to be present during the meeting, if so desired. In the event liability is established, the cost of any reasonable judicial aid is likely to be covered by the insurer/self-insured. Please keep in mind that an appointment can take between 1-1½ hours.

Extent of damage
To determine the extent of any damage, information regarding your situation before and after the incident will be required. The adjuster from DEKRA Personal Injury will therefore not only be asking about the incident itself and its consequences, but also about your health, work and home situation and other matters prior to the incident.

In order to make an accurate assessment of the consequences of the incident, access to relevant medical information will be necessary. This access will require your consent. In the absence of an advocate, our adjuster will ask you to sign an authorization which will give the claim handler permission to share such information with the medical advisor of DEKRA Personal Injury and/or the insurer.

Our adjuster will endeavour to accurately assess the extent of the damage together with your input.

The following damages can be included in Personal Injury claims:

  • Material damage such as damaged clothing, glasses or bikes;
  • Medical expenses such as personal contributions for medical treatments, treatment not covered by insurance, medicine and/or travel expenses for doctors/other treatment visits;
  • Loss of work ability: loss suffered due to an (temporary) injury impeding your capacity to be (fully) operational;
  • Assistance in personal care and/or housework;
  • Compensation for pain, discomfort and loss of enjoyment of life.

Please have the following details and documents at hand to ensure the appointment runs efficiently:

  • Valid identification;
  • Filled out verification number;
  • Data regarding your health insurance, legal aid insurance, accident insurance and/or occupational disability insurance;
  • Name and address of your physician, specialist and/or other medical professionals;
  • Specified summation of the incurred and anticipated costs;
  • Data concerning your income prior to and after the incident;
  • Reintegration plans and inspection outcomes in line with the Sickness Benefits Act or “WIA” (the WIA is a Dutch law; people can make use of when they cannot work or work less than usual due to sickness);
  • If self-employed: year accounts, declarations and assessment income tax for the past 5 years.

If you have any questions regarding the appointment with our adjuster from DEKRA Personal Injury, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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