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Algemene Periodieke Keuring (APK)


“Algemene Periodieke Keuring (APK)” is the Dutch form of the mandatory (by law) inspection of cars in Europe. To have an independent APK conducted, you can visit our inspection center in Uden. You are obliged to arrange an APK on your car, company car or trailer with a weight up to 3.500kg either yearly or every other year.

As DEKRA is not a vehicle company, it does not undertake the repair of major defects. Thus, you can be assured that DEKRA will inspect your car objectively and that there can be no possibility of us benefitting from failing your vehicle during the inspection.

Please find the current fees for an independent APK II here.


If you would like to make an appointment, call +31413243850, or our appointment number or Schedule your own APK.

Undertaking over 24 million car inspections yearly, DEKRA is a worldwide market leader.


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